FFFPP Bridge Projects

1999 Community Pride Design Awards

            For Cedar Creek/Chelatchie Railroad – Fish Passage Improvement



2012 Jobs Completed


Grays Harbor Conservation District

  • §  James Wolf-Davis Creek
    • Replace a 4 ft. round steel culvert that has failed 14’ x 50’ prefabricated steel bridge. Erosion control measures, sediment control barriers, and bypass pumping used to complete project with  bridge and instream  LWD placed.


  • §  Mox Chehalis Creek John Skarperud
    • Replace a culvert that has failed with a 14’ x 30’ prefabricated steel bridge and instream work. Erosion control measures, sediment control barriers, and bypass pumping were used to complete this project.


  • §  Porter Creek Bailey FFFPP Project
    • Project consisted of a removal of a log punchen, installing a 72” culvert, and a 10 gauge galvanized steel culvert 150” span 96” rise arch pipe 40’ long. Erosion control measures, sediment control barriers,  and bypass pumping was used to complete project along with instream  LWD placed.


  • §  Stevens Creek Bridge
    • Removal of two perched corrugated culverts and replaced with a 55 ft. long, 16 ft. wide precast concrete bridge.  The crossing site is located in a low gradient reach and wetlands are present upstream and downstream. In water works consisted of placing LWD in the wet land areas.


Rayonier Forest Products

  • §  6200 Bridge Replacement
    • Project consisted of installing permanent sheet pile to protect bridge abutments with a pre-cast concrete bridge 24’ x 75’ with lwd placed in creek.


  • §  6400 Bridge Replacement
    • Project consisted of installing a pre-cast concrete bridge 16’ x 60’ with road realignment, an ADS culvert for upper creek drainage, and stream enhancement.


Grays Harbor Conservation District        

  • §  Atkins Culvert Replacement
  • Remove Log Puncheons and realign streams and place LWD.   Replace Log Puncheon with precast concrete bridge. Replace culvert with precast concrete bridge.


  • NDC Fish Passage Removal
    • Remove culverts and replace with precast concrete bridges. Realign stream and place boulders and LWD in stream.


  • Rodgers Culvert Replacement
  • Remove culvert and replace with a precast concrete bridge realign stream and place LWD.


Woodland Constructors Inc                                              

  • Silver/Wilamia Bridge Replacement 2 90’ Bridges
    • Pull out exsisting bridge and replace it with another. Rip Rap banks and disperse lwd in the forest and creek.


Grays Harbor Conservation District   

  • Skarperud Culvert Removal
    • Remove Culvert and place a 40’ bridge with stream restoration.
    • Remove culvert,  rip rap stream banks, place LWD and root wads in creek, place bridge, cut new road for alignment, erosion control.


  • Welsh Culvert Replacement
    • Remove Culvert and place a 60’ bridge with stream restoration and road re-alignment.
    • Remove Culvert, Rip Rap Stream Bank, Place LWD and root wads in the creek, build up road for realignment, and erosion control. 

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