Jill Koistinen, President


Jill has been a valued member of Kysar and Koistinen, Inc. since the conception of the company in 1990 and has implemented her vision, values, and skills in leading the organization as the President since 2009.

Kysar and Koistinen Inc. have been in business since 1990 and started as a small company working for timber companies performing scarifying and reforestation duties along with the private sector cutting crawl holes and driveways.  Our first introduction to water work was in 1994 when we placed our first bridge for a logging road. In 1997 we had the opportunity to work for the Non Profit Fish First and this again reinforced the joy of working with water projects. Since then we have had many years of experience in all areas of in-stream work and mitigation, along with excavation and embankment, in 2009 we expanded into pile driving with our vibratory pile driver with both temporary and permanent shoring using “z” sheets, h pile, and wood piling for the in-stream projects.

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